The Metaphysical Height and Purpose

After a suppression of free thinking for centuries by religion and thereby being traumatized, modern science and economic beliefs have eliminated any metaphysical height as a fateful expression of freedom and liberation. By this way the pendulum has swung from one extreme to another, giving up any higher immaterial purpose and meaning of life, even ignoring the metaphysical insights of quantum physics, because they do not fit into the superficial picture of materialism as purpose of human existence and self-expression.

Through awareness and understanding of the systemic interactions between the inner and outer world, human development can be seen as a process and experience of separation and alienation in space and time that needs to be turned around for the experience of connection and satisfaction!

Fulfilling our higher purpose ist to return to our Home and Source which is right at the Centre where we come from and started our human journey. This RETURN requires a 180° U-Turn. Only by this radical change of direction we will experience fullness and completion instead of growing emptiness and disconnection.