The Conditioning of Western Mind is still deeply deluded and ignorant of its Need for Liberation from this Conditioning

Whether it was Religious Christianity, Political Democracy, Economic Development or now Ecological Sustainability: Western Mind has not changed. Ignorantly trapped in our conditioning we suffer deeply from the Triple Divide (ecologically, socially and spiritually; see Otto Scharmer and his Theory U), but being unaware of the losses and disconnection in our being instead of reconnecting ourselves (the only sustainable and wholesome action we can actually do) we make ourselves believe that we have something to give and share.

This is nowadays as much an illusion as it was in the past. An alienated Being that has separated itself from his ecological, social and spiritual context is severely lacking integrity and wholeness. It has nothing to give. Therefore the suffering Western Mind just makes up a license to take from others that really have: We call it Christianity, Democracy, Development or Sustainability and then we come, conquer and destroy the ecological, social and spiritual connection and context in the other culture. This is an unwholesome old pattern that has never been healed. Without a deep Transformation of the Conditioning of the Western Mind (mutual cooperation instead of competitiveness, integration of mind and matter instead of separation, healing the being with wholeness instead of poisoning the mind with greed, hatred and delusion) this disconnected destructiveness will not change, no matter what the subject is including the latest SDGs.

My concern is to Liberate the Being from the Conditioning. This is what I consider to be a Sustainable Transformation. I do not believe in big conferences, ambitious approaches and system-changing actions within the old Conditioning of the Western Mind.